New "Saturn" Water Key
Pictured on a Wedgwood Cornet

Last updated on May 20, 2002

Photo copyright Thomas W. Taylor, 2002

Photo copyright Thomas W. Taylor, 2002

According to Mr. Taylor, who supplied the above two pictures, the hole in the tuning slide is blocked by a little ball held in place with a spring. A ring around the housing, when pushed in any direction, lifts the ball and allows the condensate to be expelled. Internally, the ring has three tapered spokes. Whichever way you push in on the ring, one of the spokes lifts the ball and lets the water out. It's just a little larger than an amado style water valve and is set on the slide sticking out, instead of across.

Mr. Taylor found that it works as well as the traditional cork on a spring, is aesthetically pleasing and very user friendly. He can trip his with the little finger on his left hand without changing his grip and without any tendency to get his hands wet.

The following picture was supplied by Roddy Lewis:

Photo copyright Roddy Lewis, 2002

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